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Sole-Man Sportfishing located in historic Fisherman's Wharf


Sole-Man Sportfishing located in historic Fisherman's Wharf

Sole-Man Sportfishing located in historic Fisherman's Wharf


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3710 Balboa Street

San Francisco





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Located at World Famous Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco


Captain Don Franklin (aka 'Sole-Man') has been fishing for 41 years, and Captain of Sole-Man Sportfishing for the last 14 years. Captain Don Franklin, operates, one of the finest, best equipped Fishing Charter Boat on Fisherman's Wharf, in San Francisco. When fishing with Sole-Man you will be able to experience some of the finest Salmon, Halibut, Rock Fish, Sturgeon, and Shark fishing anywhere! Captain Don has  many years of local fishing experience, and knows the Bay and Ocean like the back of his hand. Get ready to catch a trophy fish with Captain Don "The Sole-Man" Franklin.

Our Golden Gate caught Salmon, are some of the finest King Salmon anywhere in the world.  Our size ratio is FANTASTIC. We get some Hogs out in the Pacific, but also late in the year, we get Big River Run Hogs. Right here in San Francisco Bay! The feed that the Salmon have here around the Golden Gate is some of the richest anywhere. They love to eat Krill, which is very plentiful here, as well as there being plenty of Herring, Anchovies, and Sardines.  Simply put, That's why our Salmon are the BEST! We also fish Rockcod (Rockfish) where you can load up on multiple species of Cod, some of the best eating fish there is! Hog Halibut and Big Stripers (Striped Bass) are also caught through the spring, summer, and early autumn. They are a great challenge to catch, and taste great too!

Great White Sturgeon are caught in San Francisco Bay year-round as well.  These pre-historic fish affectionately known as 'Diamond-Backs' are some of the largest (and rarest) game fish you can catch!  Oversize Sturgeon (over 66" in overall length) are routinely caught. Although Captain Don is a master at catching all these fish, he is particularly passionate about Shark fishing.  San Francisco Bay has one of the greatest abundances and varieties of Sharks in the world. Leopard Sharks, Soupfin Sharks, Sevengill Sharks, Sixgill Sharks, Blue Sharks, and Smoothhound Sharks are readily caught in San Francisco Bay.




Young to Old, Novice to Experienced Angler

If you have children, they will be in  good hands with Captain Don and be able to enjoy the trip along with you!  Captain Don is great with kids and knows how to teach them to fish!  Sole-Man Sportfishing caters to all ages, and all levels of expertise, from the novice angler to the experienced angler, young to old, everyone can have a great time fishing with Captain Don.


If you want to see how good Captain Don is with kids, watch the Video of Captain Don teaching the fishing tradition to new generation. The Department of Parks and Recreation put on a Fishing Camp for youth onboard Sole-Man Sportfishing. Youth got to experience different aspects of fishing. The children participating got to fish from a pier and fish from a boat (Sole-Man). The Fishing Camp goes over the basics of fishing and types of fish caught in San Francisco Bay and reviews different kinds of equipment used to fish.  Check out the smiles and excitement on these kids' faces.




Sole-Man Sportfishing Offers Full Day and Half Day Charters


No matter what your time constraints, Sole-Man Sportfishing can fill your needs.  We offer both full day and half day Fishing Charters.  Half day fishing charters are great for Tourists and also for small children.  Besides the length of the Fishing Charter, you can either book the whole boat (up to six anglers) or individual spots.  When you visit our Reservations page you will see that you can also choose the type of fish you'd like to catch.  Or, you can choose the "Hot Bite" to fish for whatever is most abundant at the time you will be fishing.  No matter what your choices, Captain Don will make sure that you and your group have an awesome fishing adventure in one of the most spectacular areas of the world!




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