Halibut a plenty

All I can say is wow!

The live bait halibut and bass bite continue to be good this summer. The bay and coast continue to be very productive, with good numbers of fish and now the larger ones are starting to show up too. I expect that the bass will start to really get hot as they start their fall migration back to the rivers.

See you on the boat.

Halibut and bass fishing is very good we are averaging 3 fish per person on our trips. Some of the best fishing this summer.
See you on the boat.

​This morning we were given the all clear to fish. I did run a couple of commercial trips and the Halibut fishing is good. The schedule has been updated, we have to fish a max of 5 people now, but we can go. Thanks for your patience, and we hope to see you soon on the boat.

soleman is back

As you know the Country is dealing with the Corona Virus and SoleMan fishing is too. We are keeping the boat deep cleaned, and CAN fish, however we are gonna respect the CDC recommendations on distance.

For the foreseeable future we will hold at 5 people on all trips thru 4/7. Fishing is open, and feel free to join us. I’ll make adjustments on price and feel free to call me as needed.

Stay safe and healthy.

Capt. Don

As you know, there is a certain bug going around that involves heavy breathing, and sweaty body aches………  No not that one, but Sturgeon fever.
Aidan and his Dad came out on a trip today, and had Bass, Shark and a nice ole’ Keeper Sturgeon.
Aiden got the Fever bad, but I think he will recover to catch again on the SoleMan.

Jed and Frank with some nice King Salmon caught on Monday August 22nd on a Half Day Fishing Trip. We went 3 for 3 on the Salmon bite today. Fun day on the water with some great Anglers! The fish came in between 9-17lbs!

We had our new Chirp Transducer fish finder installed this past week and it is already putting us on fish. Here, it is marking bass in the bay. Stay tuned to see how we do with the new equipment installed.

Had some nice Halibut over the past couple of days. To the left is Team Varshawsky with their 28lb halibut caught at Alcatraz. To the right is David and his 30lb halibut caught a few days earlier. Halibut bite is heating back up.

Had a few groups on some shark fishing charters the past several days. We found the hot bit and  more! Great shark fishing this time of year as we head into the fall season.

Catching up on the past couple charters. We headed out on a full day private charter and landed some nice salmon for a great group! Also had a great group on a half day charter that landed several halibut and striped bass. The Halibut bite is coming to a close in the next couple of weeks, but was glad to put some in the boat for this group!