Salmon & Rockcod Fishing Charters

Salmon Fishing In San Francisco’s Pacific Ocean

Our Golden Gate caught Salmon, are some of the finest King Salmon anywhere in the world. Our size ratio is fantastic. We get some hogs out in the Pacific, but also late in the year, we get big river run hogs right here in San Francisco Bay! The food that the Salmon have around the Golden Gate is some of the richest anywhere. They love to eat Krill, which is very plentiful here, as well as plenty of Herring, Anchovies, and Sardines.

Rockcod Fishing in San Francisco’s Pacific Ocean

We also fish Rockcod (Rockfish) where you can load up on multiple species of Cod (up to 10 fish per angler), some of the best eating fish there is! Depending on the year some summers and Falls, we’ll also be running Rockcod and Crab Combo trips! You can go home with a load of Rockfish and up to 6 Dungeness Crabs per angler!